Our History

In 2016, the owner of Quarter Tone Saxophone Publishing, Brandon Dixon began work on his first book: Quarter Tone Technique for Saxophone. This book was published on August 22, 2017 under an independent publishing platform. He then began work on composing original works for quarter tone saxophone in a multitude of formats: saxophone quartets, saxophone duoes, saxophone with piano, solo saxophone, and more. What began as a single technique book grew into a much larger project. Thus, in May of 2018, Dixon established Quarter Tone Saxophone Publishing, LLC. He continued work on more compositions, created and updated quarter tone web apps, and began work on a new book, Introduction to Quarter Tone Composition, which was published November 30, 2018. The second edition of Quarter Tone Technique for Saxophone was published on December, 14, 2018.

In March of 2019, the re-write for the website Quarter Tone Composition was complete, and the new version of the site was published! This version allows authors and composers who publish with QTSPublishing to sell their products on the online store (including eBooks), view sales, and more!

First printout for the first book
Initial revisions for the first book
Print copies for sale
Quarter Tone Saxophone compositions
Cover of the second published book
First and second edition covers